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Towel 70x140 

More colors available on request

39 euro 

Towel cape for the little ones - font number 12


35 euro 

Towel 50x100 

More colors available on request

35 euro 


Travel bag - Natural - font number 2

45 euro 

Travel bag - Denim or light denim - font number 8

45 euro 

Travel bag - Stripe natural /pink  or natural / grey

font number 12

45 euro

gym bag - pink/blue/ purple /green/navy blue / musterd 

25 euro 

Shopping bag - natural / yellow - font number 8

29 euro new price 15 euro

Mini school bag​


29 euro 


Cosmetic bag - Natural Coton - font number 13

35 euro 

Napkins white linnen 

15 euro

Adult apron in linnen 

More colors available on request

39 euro